We ate the news: Angie's Zombeef Army!

Every week the Zombie Cookbook brings you more evidence of the impending zombie-apocalypse. This week we reveal the real reason behind Angelina Jolie's ongoing adoption spree.

Over the weekend it was revealed that Angelina Jolie is planning to adopt a fourth child. While the rest of the world may be fooled into thinking Miss Jolie simply cares, here at the Zombie Cookbook headquarters we have reason to believe St. Angie is on an adoption frenzy to create a zombie kiddy army in order to hunt down and kill arch nemesis (and hubby's Brad Pitt's previous misses) Jennifer Anniston.

St. Angie is even believed to have zombified a sattelite to track down Miss Anniston's whereabouts.

We believe Miss Pitt is rearing her army of zombie adoptees on Japanese Zombeef Jerky. A zombie-meat product which recently made headlines when the Duchess of York, better known as Fergie, was caught trying to sell Prince Andrew to the zombeef jerky factory for parts, claiming he had turned. Buckingham Palace in the meantime denies the existence of any zombie-royalties. The Zombie Cookbook is inclined to agree, obviously they're just inbred.
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