About us

Q: The Zombie Cookbook? What the hell are you?
What are we? Zombies, first and foremost. Zombies who happen to play spine crushing, head splaying metal. But there’s more, so much more...

Q: What do you do?
The Zombie Cookbook is a unique viral concept that only exists online. It's our goal to get as many interesting and gifted (mostly metal, but we like to keep an open mind) musicians and other people involved in making metal, music or noise. We decided to serve everything up in a zombie concoction because a) we love zombies and b) there's nothing more viral than a zombie outbreak.

Q: Connecting musicians? How?
The Zombie Cookbook sets up the groundwork for a new track. This track is then sent out to a talented musician or musicians who are willing to participate. They are free to fill in the - for example - bass as they see fit. At the same time the track is spread to other artists, to fill in other parts of the track. The end results will be mixed together and produced by us. Finally, we send it out into the great wide open. Check out our music on MySpace to get the gist of it.

Q: Great. So you have another track. What’s in it for us?
Everlasting fame and our undying love... All the artists featured on the different tracks get full credit with both their own name and (should you have one) your bands name on every track and on this here website of ours. We can also add your band's logo or link to our site, or promote your upcoming tour or new album via our network and blog and so on and so forth. Obviously, we'd love it if you could do the same for us. So basically, playing for The Zombie Cookbook is a means to reach a wider audience for your music while having fun working with other artists.

Q: So what about this website? What's it for?
The website is an integral counterpart to the music. The main purpose of The Zombie Cookbook is to form a musical collective, allowing artists to connect and collaborate freely with each other and their fans through us. However, we have a great love for anything associated with zombies, which is also the main inspiration behind the songs. And there's tons of fun to be found on the web; we don't want to keep this from you. That's what the website is for.

Q: So music and a blog? Now what?
Actually there's lot more to it. Not only do we write, compose and produce music, we've also written the introduction to a zombie anthology, we've introduced zombies vs. popular culture mash-ups with our Fleshy Fridays, we have our own line of merch. I wouldn't be surprised if we'd introduce other forms of artwork in the near future as well.

Q: Cool, how can I help?
The easiest ways to help us are joining us on MySpace or Facebook, or following us on Twitter (and don't forget to tell your friends...). If you'd like to get more seriously involved, and have some kind of musical talent you'd like to share with us, feel free to contact us at info@zombiecookbook.com.

In a nutshell, The Zombie Cookbook is an ever expanding concept... a viral outbreak, if you will. Now fuck off, die... and come back.