Zombies still ♥ Cartoons!

Hey kids!

You're thinking:"Wait, another comic?" Yes, but this one is about the Smurfs, so we couldn't keep this from you any longer. We'll do one more, and then we'll introduce you to undead genius who's been gnawing on his pen trying to get his motor skills back together next week.

Actually, that's just the way he draws things. Still... pretty nifty! So here's a taste of how the smurfs would be improved by the impending zombie apocalypse.


Zombies ♥ Cartoons!

Every once in a while we stumble onto something on the webs which catches our undying eye. In this case, we shambled into the dark alleys of gore and found the perfect cartoonist. And, more luckily, he even succumbed to our ever expanding horde. So, without any further ado, The Zombie Cookbook presents to you: Hallie Lama (http://hallielama.blogspot.com/). Expect more of him in the future, brethren!

Fleshy Friday: Meating Penny Site Release!

For this Fleshy Friday, we've got something special lined up today... Remember that one girl, with the hot dress that you always fancied? Remember how fascinated you were by her sheer presence?

Well today The Zombie Cookbook is proud to present to you: A Sneak Peak of Meating Penny! This little rockabilly zombie gem is the first film of the Dutch Trick of the Light- Productions, and today they're going live! Or undead. Whatevs.

Watch it, like it, spread it amongst your friends. You'll be Meating Penny soon.

Fleshy Friday TV Review: The Walking Dead

Every week the Zombie Cookbook shows you why the world would be a better place if it had more zombies in it. This week however, we showcase another review by Lucio Ruggero, who explores some of the finer examples of study material on life after the zombie-apocalypse.

This week Lucio reviews the new hit TV series “The Walking Dead” by Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption). It aired from October 31st till December 5th 2011 on the AMC Network in the States and is slated for release on DVD this coming March. Lucio?